amor amor perfume

Scent is an essential contribution with you when you are going outside from home for a specific reason. Envision you host went to on a critical get-together where numerous first class individuals took an interest. In such a delicate circumstance you should have a decent body smell. Be that as it may, awful news is you haven’t utilized a fragrance or aroma you utilized isn’t charming at all therefore terrible smell is spreading from your sweat. This sort of condition might be embarrassed you and you will feel delay even you may have left the gathering. In the wake of perusing the announcement you may have resolved to utilize a fragrance. Be that as it may, is it all? Actually no, not really. Utilizing a scent is obligatory positively yet more critical actuality is that you ought to likewise know about the aroma of a fragrance. Alright, no issue, we will speak about these theme entire the time.

At the point when the case comes to hand about picking a scent at that point there remains a typical inquiry which aroma should you purchase since a ton of aromas with different scent are winning on the encompassing markets. Alright, it appears we comprehend your concern and we are resolved to give you a superior recommendation as take after:

Amor Amor de Cacharel perfume


The nice fragrance made for Women Amor Amor Cacharel Perfumes are made with the combinations of flowers and fruits. It became first of all added in 2003 while Cacharel produced it for the primary time. It’s a fragrance for younger female.
components of this perfume are as follow:

Floral notes (Lily-of-the-valley , Vanilla and ambergris , Mandarine , White musk , Malati Flower , Sandalwood )
Fruity notes (Pink grapefruit , Blood orange )

Advantages :
(1) The fragrance is unique, feminine, smooth and sweet with floral and fruity touch.
(2) Its scent is mind-blowing and overwhelming that spreads everywhere
(3) in case you are approximately giving a person a present then this fragrance can be exceptional option
(4) Amor Amor fragrance enables to feel young, attractive and confident.
(5) This fragrance may be very effective in case of romantic climate.

Disadvantage :
(1) The scent is very strong so occasionally it may be the cause of little bid headache.
(2)The bottle of the perfume isn’t so excellent.

Amor Amor perfume Review

Cacharel Amor Amor perfume is one of the great fragrance in my fragrance series. with this perfume I fell in love because of a number of its special satisfactory. I’m the usage of this perfume for many days and it appears to me the fragrance is appropriate for cool climate. this is my favorite perfume and no different perfume appears to me as right because it. it is dreamy, girly, seductive, flirty, adorable and juicy like ingesting a bit of candy to me. I’m now not adequate with sweetodor however the mixture of notes on this fragrance is best. it works on my pores and skin greater than 6+ hours and that i feel very fresh and comfy. It’s a aggregate of floral and fruity additives which create an exceptional and overwhelming climate which increases my assured to the maximum level as a end result I feel very relaxed among people with whom I communicate regular. simply it’s a excellent fragrance but after a long use its grow to be average but I’m good enough with it. It’s not legit at all alternatively very appropriate in case appearing flirty speakme or courting with someone.

I started to use this perfume on account that i used to be in faculty and nonetheless at 30 the use of with first rateconsolation and need to hold till I’m 80. I do that fragrance for ordinary long time use and find an super end result. I realize why it is taken into consideration as teenager fragrance its odor appears to me like Royal revolution with the aid of Katy Kerry. occasionally I evaluate the scent to a deep candy scrumptious wine due to its smells high-quality. in line with my view of opinion it is able to be a higher choice for the young adults. a lot of my nice friends are keen on this fragrance and i suggest all and sundry to do that fragrance as a minimum as soon as. even though you could use this perfume for every day wear however its incredibly recommended for romantic wear.

Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss perfume


amor amor perfumePerfume Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss with the aid of Cacharel is a spicy floral fragrance which releasedin 2011.The fragrance is especially produced targeting at the younger era. The composition of this fragrance is as following:

pinnacle notes (Grapefruit , Mandarin , crimson peppers )
middle notes (Frangipani flower , Peony , coffee )
bottom notes (White musk , Vanilla )

This fragrance is generally available in black coloured bottle with crimson rose programs as a quantity of 30, 50 and one hundred ml EDT.

(1)candy, attractive and long lasting (2) mood and memory lifter (three) It remaining lengthy around 6 hours on pores and skin.
(1)The coloration of the bottle is black. (2) Deep and strong perfume

Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss perfume review

before everything I wasn’t acquainted with this heady scent but in the future one among my first-class friends comes tomy residence wearing the Amor Amor Forbidden Kiss perfume. a great snow became coming to my nose from her frameand i liked that smell very tons. So I asked her approximately the fragrance call and she or he encouraged me to do this. in a while I went to marketplace and purchased one 100 ml bottle. i was considering twilight after seeing the nameForbidden kiss. It also strikes a chord in my memory diesel lover dose. It’s a pleasant name and fit with the fragranceconcept. I think it’s far one of the sexiest perfumes ever. The original version of Amor Amor fragrance is ideal but this model is also unique to me. specially the usage of coffee and frangipani notes makes it extra acceptable. The mixture of espresso and vanilla upload up something very special to this fragrance and make it more balanced. I want to name it darkish Amor Amor and i think it is more deep and mature than Amor Amor. it’s miles usually suitable with the winterseason because it’s a bit bit warmer. but a few human beings also like to apply it in summer season because of its heavy smell. It smells like hypnotic sensuelle my favourite vanilla elixir which seems in reality natural and balanced. The Forbidden Kiss is a specialized model but it continues tempo with the unique Amor Amor the whole lot is the samesimplest the heart is one of a kind. It opens with the identical fruity and overwhelming scent of floral vanilla as just like the authentic Amor Amor however special is its dry down is powdery and sweet after that the odor of espresso with vanilla starts offevolved to appear which blows up the thoughts. it’s miles one of the sweetest perfumes I ever experience. it could be higher for younger girl or young girl. I thought it’s too darkish, deep or sensual but after the use of it my concept of attention totally changed. I would love it if someone gives it to me as a present. I’m comfy with this heady scent and it makes me glad too. I additionally think no longer best woman but additionally men can use this perfume. moreover humans from all walks of life can use it for example my mother get it as a gift from one among her buddy. Amor Amor perfume forbidden kiss is surprisingly encouraged for younger lady or younger woman.

Amor Amor In A Flash fragrance


amor amor perfumeSome constrained edition of Amor Amor fragrance that produced in 2003 was re-launched because the call of Amor Amor In A Flash perfume in 2013. This perfume is produced to encourage you at the breathtaking moments whilst you are kissing or relationship with a person unique for the primary time after a forbidden love.

Floral notes (sweet mandarine , Apricot , crimson apples )
Fruity notes(delicate jasmine petals blends , Vanilla , Sandalwood and , sweet caramel )

(1)exquisite odor (2)It long last greater about 7 hours
(1)Too sturdy once in a while it could purpose headache

Amor Amor In A Flash perfume evaluate

I’m massive fan of the series of Amor Amor fragrance through Cacharel. i take advantage of their other model of perfumes however this Amor Amor perfume in a Flash is actually unique to me. It doesn’t in shape with the authentic model of Amor Amor at all.

I discovered about this perfume from my near buddy who advised me all approximately this and that i decided to shop for this to look its end result. After that I went to the marketplace and search for the perfume. i discovered the fragrancein a crimson colored bottle and fell in love with it on the grounds that crimson is my preferred shade. i used to beadditionally hopeful approximately its end result and test it for almost 20 minutes and finally offered it. Then when i exploit it for the primary time in the course of my workplace time I discover that it odor surely brilliant. It’s my favouritefragrance and i use it daily after I live in work vicinity it makes me sense better and confident. It opens with the suitablecombination of the fruity notes mandarine, apple and apricot which might be spiced with the notes cinnamon and sweetened by using caramel from the beginning. The effect of floral notes also are giant but from the aggregate of jasmine, vanilla or caramel the lifestyles of the smell of particular notes aren’t recognizable but it is clean they’re here. consistent with view of my opinion it’s miles the sweetest perfume I ever tried .It smells like fruity juice which seems to bevery delicious. The scent is like sugary water. makes use of of caramel and cinnamon have an critical impact although it’s no longer the dominating part of this perfume. This perfume is a perfect combination of fruity and highly spiced notes which means it powerful for the use of in overdue summer or early autumn. this will be a first-rate preference for the younger girl and office going women.

Amor Amor L’eau fragrance

Amor Amor perfume L’eau In summer season of 2015 Cacharel launches a brand new collection of Amor Amor fragrancespecifically as Amor Amor L’eau fragrance. Amor Amor L’eau perfume is a red, first-rate, sparkling, delicious, fruity ambery type fragrance for woman. it’s far a candy and tender fragrance that is why it’s useful for faculty or place of work to be able to get the attention of others. It’s open with the thoughts-blowing smell of coca cola and blackcurrant in conjunction with the smell of floral jasmine, rose and vanilla. This scent is especially appropriate for the summer time. The perfume is to be had in a red coloured bottle as a amount of fifty and 100ml.

(1)exquisite odor (2) suitable for summer time
(1)long lasting capability isn’t always so exact

Amor Amor L’eau perfume evaluate

The authentic model of Amor Amor via cacharel is my maximum favored however after seeing Amor Amor L’eau perfumeit comes to my mind I ought to additionally want to do that model. So i purchased a 50 ml bottle. i was no longer positiveabout the result of this fragrance in any respect but one component that attracted me became the presence of coca cola taste. I also appreciated the bottle. Now it comes approximately the experience I felt through the usage of this fragrance. adequate, I grow to be pretty disillusioned when I didn’t sense the fragrance of cola at all located however thrilling thingis I favored the smell that come from the opposite notes I mean jasmine, vanilla, citrus and grapefruit. The aggregate of these three creates an super effect at the fragrance of this perfume. If you like grapefruit then you could do this I assumethis fragrance can be beneficial in the course of the summer time or past due spring. in keeping with my opinion this perfume is light, clean and quite cool. in any case I suppose Amor Amor L’eau perfume is not a horrific choice.

Amor Amor summer time perfume

amor amor fragrance summerFrom the identify of this fragrance it’s without problems recognizable this perfume is made for summer. It’s a fabricated from Amor Amor with the aid of Cacharel launched in 2012 confined addition. previouslysome other summer model become released in 2011. it will sense like below shade even while you are inside the sun. The bottle includes the perfume is decorated with the combination of orange and yellow color for the 2012 model which lookspretty cool and available as a quantity of 50 ml. preceding summer season model that launched in 2011 become a bottle with pink-red mixture.

The compositions of this perfume is mentioned as follow:

Fruity notes (Pineapple , Grapfruit , Pomegranate syrap)
Floral notes( Rose , Orange blossom , Frangipant )

(1)powerful for the warmer days (2)It’s fruitier than different perfumes
(1)no longer so long lasting (2)It’s made only for summer season (3)confined version

Amor Amor summer time fragrance evaluation

It’s a reliable and faith model of Amor Amor by way of Cacharel handiest made for the sunny days of summer time whileclimate is simply too warm and body launch plenty of sweat. both version of 2011 and 2012 is my favorite but orange taste of 2012 version seems to be very scrumptious. It’s a fragrance with fresh and clean smelling. unique version of Amor Amor perfume is my favorite but in the course of the sunny days i really like to use Amor Amor summer season perfume. It allows to me to feel higher when the weather is simply too hot. I assume this fragrance may be very appropriate for the summer season months. Amor Amor isn’t always my commonly used emblem but I just like the fragrance of this one, it’s yummy. It’s a heady scent with notable fragrance however not overpowering completely appropriate for the summery season. This perfume may be a exceptional choice for them who release a variety of sweat . it’s miles distinctlyencouraged for long time put on.

Amor Amor Sunshine fragrance

amor amor perfumeIs a perfume by way of Cacharel which is especially produced for the summer time at restrictedvariety? The bottle that incorporates this perfume is green coloured as like grass.

Fruity Notes ( juicy clean purple greipfruit, apricot, mandarine and bergamot )
Floral notes (tahitian tiare, orchid and peony, sweet mix of vanilla and musks )

(1)Very special fragrance (2) durable capability is great
(1) lovely fragrance (2) risks (three) restricted version

Amor Amor Sunshine fragrance evaluate

firstly I didn’t know that Amor Amor have launched this sort of high-quality model of fragrance however sooner or laterin a party I smelt a heady scent that was not so strong however overpowering. So i was searching for the location from where this notable smell became appearing and in the end finds out the area. It was my loved pal john, so I asked him all things and he recommended me to by means of it. So I went the market to shop for it however alas this changed into a restrained model but after a difficult paintings i was capable of find out and purchase it without delay. Then I make a try and see its result. i really like this model of Amor Amor specially its bottle which is ornamented with green colorationwhen you consider that i love inexperienced colour very much and green is the image of teens and peace. I’m also good enough with its fragrance it’s now not so candy like Amor Amor and much lighter than the alternative sorts. I commonlyuse this perfume for workplace paintings and now and again my husband additionally makes use of it for his paintings. on every occasion i take advantage of this perfume it appears like i’ve come to be more youthful and feels a great dealclean and comfy. It’s a female scent which smells fruity and glad. you can use this perfume for spring and at some stage inthe new days of summer. it’s far one of the first-class fragrance for regular put on.

Amor Amor Tentation perfume


amor amor perfumeCacharel have come with their new edition of Amor Amor perfume because the name of Amor Amor Tentation fragrance. some other edition of this fragrance is also presents within the markets namely as oriental floral for girls. It’s quite sultrier than the unique one. It’s a type of fragrance which lets you be more focused and attractive than before. Its new notes will help you to active all your feel.


Its notes are combined as sparkling mandarin with notes of ivy is worried with heady jasmine flower, stylish tiara and woody accords. The perfume is available in the markets from 2008.The Amor Amor Tentation perfume is available now within the markets in a pink coloured bottle as 30, 50 and 100ml EDT.

(1)tremendous and exclusive from the normally prevailing perfumes (2) attractive and romantic
(1)odor is slightly major (2) no longer long lasting in any respect

Amor Amor Tentation perfume evaluation

Amor Amor tentation is a fragrance which isn’t like different sorts with a totally abnormal perfume not generallyobserved. when I buy it for the primary time i was hopeful that it’d be candy like the different model of Amor Amor perfume but my view of creativeness became altered when feels it not candy at all. It smells smooth and fruity highly spiced aroma. this could be beneficial throughout the iciness season to experience secure. It’s not too sturdy so in case you are good enough with it then it may be beneficial for reputable use. I additionally like to use this perfume for different events and it represents me as one of a kind. no longer many people like this perfume but i like this perfumebecause it’s miles female, horny, sharp and colourful. It quite unexpected however real reality is that i will experiencethe lifestyles of fruity smell and this perfume is appropriate for the young woman. This perfume can create a romantic climate so it may be useful inside the evening.


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