How to choose best perfume for  men

Choose best perfume and smell great

Perfumes are part of our lives since the beginning of the world. Ancient Civilization experienced with the different type of plants in order to achieve breathtaking smells. It is hard to say exactly why we use them, but scientists proved that the smell that is found in fragrances makes us happy because of the hormones which are secreted and are also are a big part when it comes to invoking different memories. It’s not a myth that we tend to remember people we meet based on the perfume they wear. That’s why it’s a key step to decide what perfume suits us the best and to take the best advantage of it. In the following lines, I am going to share with you an elementary step by step guide on how to choose the best fragrance if you are men based on your activities.

Perfume for sport men

You like spending hours in the gym or outdoor running? Then you should go with a sport perfume
When it comes to working out, I prefer to go with a perfume which doesn’t consist of too many smells. Take into consideration that you are going to sweat a lot on that runner mill, so you’ll need something to keep you fresh. In this case, I would recommend you to give a try to those fragrances which are labeled as ” sport “. Anyway, you should take into consideration that this kind of fragrances tends to be referred as casual perfumes, so they go pretty good with the daily life activities.

Perfumes for office wear or work

What if you are one of those people who work all day long? There is a solution for you too.
In case you are spending hours at your job, you will have to go with a perfume that is a little bit more discrete. I would recommend an Eau de cologne in this case. What I want to say is that you might consider a type of fragrance which is not too intense, we can say almost unnoticeable. This is mostly because, lately, many workplaces implemented a fragrance restriction law. For example, in the medical business perfumes tend to always be a big NO. Just go with a scent that doesn’t scream for attention.

For a business meeting

You have to attend an interview or a business meeting, and you don’t know what smell would fit the best? Let me give you a few tips.Same as in the case of the fragrances for work, it is preferred to use something very discrete or not at all. We don’t want the interview to start sneezing because he is allergic to the substances in your perfume. Perfumes based on rosemary are a great choice because they tend to improve cognition and stimulate that part of our brain which is involved in problem-solving. Peppermint, on the other hand, an excellent choice for the long business meeting because it will make sure that everyone is focused on what you have to share. Generally speaking, bolder perfumes tend to be a great choice because they accentuate your skills.

Perfume for a romantic date

You asked the girl next door for a date, and she accepted, but you don’t know what perfume would fit? We will give you a boost.When it comes to romantic dates, oriental perfumes are a great choice. They tend to be heavily scented and stimulates the part of the brain which is involved in romance. Eau de cologne can be a great choice because it lasts only for two – three hours and that gives you enough time. Avoid overusing it since the effect might not be the one you are expecting. Take into consideration that the perfume you wear on a romantic date is as important as the way you dress.

Don’t panic if the boss invited you to a cocktail event later this evening. We have the perfect scent for you too.
In this case, your mind can go wild. Because this kind of events usually tends to focus on friendly communications, it’s essential to choose the perfume that best describes you. You can even break the limits and give a try to innovative fragrances. Imagine the scent you wear as your business card in this case. Everyone will remember you based on how you smell.

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